Streaming Service

Access the highest quality aerial imagery data set of North America and Europe via WMS/WMTS streaming service

The HxGN Content Program provides current and accurate orthorectified imagery that meets international industry standards, is refreshed on a pre-planned schedule and available by streaming through OGC WMS/WMTS protocols.

Your subscription is tailored to your area of interest. You can subscribe to a county, a metro, an entire state or the whole of the United States, depending on your needs. The subscription by zone enables complete cost transparency.

Streaming by Zone

With Hexagon's streaming subscription by area of interest you only subscribe to the data you need. The pricing is tailored to your application. You can select to subscribe for a county, a metro, an entire state or the whole country, which means you only pay for the zone you need.

Streaming via WMS/WMTS

Stream imagery using protocols such as ArcGIS, OGC WMS and WMTS directly into your GIS or enterprise application of choice, including Esri, MapInfo, and Global Mapper. Subscription fees include unlimited viewing and plotting. Subscribe for your streaming license today.


Our goal is to democratise airborne imagery, reducing your cost for custom acquisitions and data centers. The HxGN Content Program provides access to professional grade imagery for professionals on a flexible and transparent yearly subscription model.

Pixel Delivery

You don't have a GIS or enterprise application that uses WMS/WMTS protocols? You need to host data locally? Email us at [email protected] with the projection, coordinate system, resolution and output file format and our team will get in touch to discuss your needs.


Sign Up for Streaming

Sign up to stream highly-accurate ortho imagery into your application of choice via WMS/WMTS or trial 10 days for free.

Are You Covered?

Check the live coverage map to see when last your area was collected and what resolution ortho image is available.

Need Pixel Delivery?

Access our spatial data store for on-demand access to aerial imagery. Define the search method, projection, coordinate system, resolution and file format.