Stereo Imagery

Create highly accurate 3D visualisations


Stereo imagery provides sophisticated users of photogrammetric data with valuable information to create highly accurate 3D visualisations. Primarily used for the creation of 3D feature and topography extraction in a wide range of industries, it supports experts in creating detailed 3D object databases and vector maps. Stereo data not only allows for collection of the geometry, but also supports thorough interpretation of the area of interest to determine details such as tree species, road surface conditions, utility assets and water features.


Stereo Imagery for Highly Accurate Feature Extraction

Although feature extraction from stereo imagery is not usually an automated process, Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies are finding new ways to automatically extract data, opening new applications and using technology to reshape old methods.

Typically, stereo imagery is used by state and local government to add a third dimension to their maps. Ultimately, 3D offers a more reality-based representation of the world to evaluate and visualise areas for urban development, new construction projects, disaster modelling and change detection. Stereo imagery is also used in forestry, conservation, land management, civil engineering, utilities, oil & gas, and many other industries, to take advantage from the detailed inventories extracted from the data.

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