Digital Surface Models (DSM)

Off-the-shelf elevation models for a complete 3D view of your project


The HxGN Content Program is the only aerial data provider that offers nationwide off-the-shelf Digital Surface Models (DSM) with 80 cm resolution across the United States and Europe, derived from quality controlled, high accuracy airborne imagery. Hexagon's DSM is a useful data layer for landscape modelling, city modelling, visualization applications, flood modelling, land-use studies and geological applications.


High-accuracy DSM for any application

Utilise an off-the-shelf Digital Surface Model (DSM) to view a 3D representation of your chosen landscape and its above-ground features. The DSM coverage area includes the entire continental United States and most of Europe (see coverage map).

Providing a clear view of the surface in a 3D format, the DSM is readily available and can be used for mapping, planning, and analysis in a wide range of industries. Unprecedented consistency and positional accuracy make this DSM an ideal data source for automatic feature extraction and machine learning applications.

Discover featured applications

Utilities & Telcos

Identifying objects and clutter height data can assist with line-of-sight mapping for 5G network installations, whilst tree height analysis can identify and eliminate risks.


Visualising an area of land in 3D can assist insurance professionals with carrying out risk assessments, anticipating potential damage, & supporting with claims resolutions.

Renewable Energy

The use of a DSM in the energy sector can provide valuable insight into the analysis of roof potential for solar energy projects, and the planning and modelling of wind farms.

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