Highly Accurate Aerial Imagery

The HxGN Content Program provides quality controlled aerial imagery with highest positional accuracy

The HxGN Content Program is a high-quality ortho imagery streaming service for professionals in the United States and parts of Europe (see coverage map). Stream aerial image base maps into your geospatial and enterprise applications. All imagery is orthorectified with 30 cm resolution coverage of the United States and parts of Europe and 15 cm resolution in metro areas (cities larger than 50,000 population) of the United States.

Experienced mapping partners capture imagery according to set specification and accuracy standards on planned refresh cycles with the latest airborne imaging sensors. This data set is a cost-effective alternative to custom acquisition projects and offers the rights to create derivate products.

Highest accuracy

We don't leave the data processing to machines: The data is processed by a team of surveying and mapping experts using stringent quality control methods to correct seam lines and colour. Our team ensures high positional accuracy of the data that meets professional quality standards.

Consistent imagery

Entire states are captured in one flying season, ensuring reliable and consistent imagery throughout the data set. The imagery is ortho-rectified and has zero cloud coverage. Our data collection partners only use the latest imagery sensor technology and capture data according to set rules and specifications.

Cost effective

Hexagon's aerial imagery is provided as a streaming service on a yearly subscription model with very transparent pricing. This service is very affordable compared to custom acquisition. It also eliminates the need to host data locally since we take care of the data centers.

Regular refresh

Hexagon's aerial imagery is captured on a planned and pre-published refresh schedule, keeping the content current and up-to-date inside the streaming platform. With your subscription license you are guaranteed to always get access to the latest data within your area of interest


Demo Viewer

Need to preview the data? Visit the demo viewer to preview the imagery or sign up for a trial account to see full resolution.

Are You Covered?

Check the live coverage map to see when last your area was collected and what resolution ortho image is available.

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