Managing, monitoring and planning the distribution of utility services

As the pressure on utilities rises to support the world's 75 million per year population growth, resource providers need to maintain the current generation and distribution capacity and expand on new ones.

Using base maps of survey grade accuracy aerial imagery helps to stay current with the demand by allowing professionals to map assets, plan access routes, detect environmental changes and distribute resources. HxGN Content Program imagery provides an accurate perspective to manage critical infrastructure assets and resources and keep outages at a minimum.

Managing assets

With high-quality airborne imagery base maps from the HxGN Content Program, you can manage your utility assets from the office at any given time without compromising safety and efficiency whilst saving on custom collection and trips to the field.

Routing a network

Plan access routes for logistics and staff during construction and maintenance work at rural sites using 30 cm resolution imagery. During outages and emergencies, ensure that your staff is deployed quickly and safely where they are needed the most.

Uninterrupted supply

Continuously providing resources without service interruption is key to a sustainable business. Keep track of your supply by streaming HxGN Content Program imagery inside your GIS application of choice, ensuring access to the latest quality controlled airborne data.

Mapping waterways

Ensuring one of the most critical natural resources gets to where it is needed is critical. Tracking changes to waterways is challenging yet necessary to keep the supply flowing. Using HxGN Content Program imagery as base map helps manage the health of waterways.


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