Special Project

Easily access professional-grade aerial imagery for a variety of applications

Get quick and easy access to professional-grade, high-resolution aerial imagery of your Area of Interest (AoI). Input your required zone by country, state, metro or county and receive ortho-rectified aerial imagery with a detailed set of metadata.

High-resolution quality controlled aerial imagery can be used for a variety of once-off purposes, such as real estate application, tourism, agriculture, map creation, planning, assessment and documentation. Hexagon allows for creation of derivate products based on the End User Licensing Agreement.

Assessing properties

Real estate and property assessing professionals can easily purchase aerial imagery to showcase unique features and proximity of local schools, shops, facilities and amenities for potential buyers and valuation estimations. The HxGN Content Program is a simple tool to provide quick access to professional grade imagery.

Evidentiary documentation

Imagery provided by the HxGN Content Program is processed and stored with meta data according to international standards, which means it will hold up in court. Capture, processing and quality control are carried out by survey and mapping experts assuring clean seam lines and no cloud coverage.

Construction planning

Plan and monitor construction sites remotely with high quality base maps from the HxGN Content Program. The airborne imagery is available in 15 cm resolution in urban areas and 30 cm resolution in wide areas. Clear cloud-free professional grade imagery streamed or downloaded helps the project to stay on schedule and budget.

Agriculture, mapping, and more

From farm evaluations, vegetation assessment to flight monitoring and movie productions, the high quality four-band airborne imagery of the HxGN Content Program can support many applications. The data is simple to use and quick to download via the online store.


Are You Covered?

Check the live coverage map to see when last your area was collected and what resolution ortho image is available.

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