Safety & Security

Protection & risk management with readily-available high-quality aerial imagery

HxGN Content Program - McCarren Airport

Federal and local government agencies, as well as private organisations, require access to reliable data to provide a quick response to natural disasters or security threats. Continuously updated and available 24/7 for download or streaming, means having the best available imagery on hand to make the most informed decisions in emergency situations.

Managing change

From shore erosion to vegetation encroachment to critical assets or border control, clear imagery without cloud coverage is the best tool to detect change and make informed decisions of where to deploy your resources most effectively.

Disaster management

Before and after comparison of aerial data helps knowing where to deploy medical, rescue or utilities outage crews. Use professional grade cloud-free imagery for your assessment teams to ensure the right resources move quickly into action.

Emergency route planning

First response operators need a deep understanding of the best routes to dispatch an emergency crew and to know where critical assets are located. With high-quality imagery of 15 cm resolution in urban areas, operators can work with the best base map to help them make fast decisions.

Minimising risks

Whether modelling floods or assessing damages, professional grade aerial imagery provide a better understanding of the affected areas. Subscribe to the HxGN Content Program streaming services to gain access to updated data based on a planned refresh schedule.


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Are You Covered?

Check the live coverage map to see when last your area was collected and what resolution ortho image is available.