Oil & Gas

Assessing energy sites and support exploration efforts with highly accurate aerial imagery

HxGN Content Program - Imagery - Spraberry Trend Area, Texas

With today’s competitive upstream oil and gas market, and the global energy demand, the drive for oil & gas companies to increase exploration activities is immense. Easy access to current and accurate aerial base maps is vital to keep track of exploration activities.

HxGN Content Program aerial imagery simplifies workflows and adds confidence to the way oil & gas companies conduct site suitability and least cost path analyses, right of way route determinations, and other common operations. The data can help to make critical business decisions through the lifecycle of your project. Stream ortho-rectified aerial imagery into your GIS, mapping or proprietary oil and gas applications.

Managing assets

There are more than 4 million kilometres of oil & gas pipelines in the U.S. For economic and safety reasons, it's critical to keep a detailed map of the pipeline network. With a high-quality base map provided via streaming service, managing these assets needs fewer trips to the field, instantly making your operation more cost-effective.

Emergency preparedness

Emergency preparedness is supported by using current and accurate imagery to identify resident locations and egress routes in the company’s operating areas. Enabling more work to be done in the office instead of on- site reduces potentially dangerous field work for employees, increasing safety for them, the public and the environment.

Access routes

From feasibility analysis to route determinations, the high-quality imagery of the HxGN Content Program can help to find the best sites for exploration and to plan transportation, logistics and emergency evacuation routes whilst avoiding hazardous areas.

Pipeline maintenance

Inspecting and understanding the condition of pipelines is critical to protecting communities, staff and assets. Professional ortho rectified aerial imagery helps to manage and maintain pipelines more affordably by planning scheduled maintenance work with fewer trips to the field.


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