Trusted quality-controlled imagery with metadata for change detection and damage assessment

High-resolution aerial imagery is transforming the way insurance agencies prepare and respond to disasters, assess property changes and analyse risks.

HxGN Content Program aerial imagery has been quality controlled by surveying and mapping experts, is stored with valuable meta data, and has a 15 cm ground resolution in urban centres. This, allows assessors to analyse risks, evaluate damages and take stock of insured assets to shorten claim time and increased customer satisfaction while keeping costs down with less visits to the field.

Detecting change in assets

Captured on a regular schedule, HxGN Content Program imagery will assist you in detecting change of assets, such as buildings, structures, properties and infrastructure. Easily stream or download the data as a base map as a cost-effective alternative to custom acquisition.

Assessing damage

Efficiency and safety matter when assessing damage. Assessment can be implemented quickly using imagery of 15 cm resolution in urban areas and 30 cm resolution in wide areas, when using a HxGN Content Program base map to identify the damage whilst saving trips to the field.

Analysing risk

Modelling floods, assessing structural integrity or mapping property changes require a thorough understanding of the environment. Highest quality aerial data, quality controlled by experts and refreshed on a planned schedule, will support insurance professionals.

Identifying fraud

Mitigating fraudulent claims or tax evasion with clear, cloud-free imagery that is regularly updated, enables determination of the true reality of the situation. Delivered with meta data documentation of how and when the data was collected.


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