Rigorous quality controlled aerial imagery according to the latest international standards and regulations

HxGN Content - Industries - Government

The unmatched positional accuracy of the HxGN Content Program data supports governments on state, county or municipal level with a high-quality visual land base to evaluate ground structures, manage assets, define property boundaries and detect change.

Hexagon collects the entire state in one flying season and applies rigorous QC processes. Regular refreshes reduce lengthy tender processes for custom acquisitions, and guarantee a constant flow of new data into the program. The data is available for streaming and hard pixel delivery.

Tracking critical assets

Keep track of assets down to individual buildings, roads, vegetation, utility, infrastructure and light posts with 15 cm resolution urban coverage and guaranteed no cloud coverage. Streaming the imagery will support your GIS programme with the highest quality base map.

Boundary management

Facilitate boundary survey with imagery that is updated on a regular refresh schedule and directly streamed into your GIS application of choice. Working within any third-party software makes it easy to share results with your counterparts in counties and municipalities.

Managing risks

Model floods, evaluate damages, assess coast lines and determine changes. The HxGN Content Program high resolution imagery will help you to better understand developments within your boundaries. Streaming services will allow you to instantly see the latest data.

Wide areas

Carry out city or state-wide analysis, evaluate pervious and impervious surface ratios, create detailed maps and models based on highly accurate and quality controlled data. Share information with all stakeholders across your state or county.


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