Identifying forest health threats, classifying vegetation and mapping inventory with orthorectified near-infrared aerial imagery

The condition of our precious forest resources is constantly changing; fire, flood, over harvesting can affect supply. To promote more sustainable operations, imagery from HxGN Content Program can be used to better understand the state of any forest. The orthorectified RGB and CIR aerial imagery with detailed meta documentation of how and when data was collected and processed, assists forestry officials to make more informed decisions about managing this natural resource.

Mapping forest inventory

Four-band RGB and CIR imagery supports forestry professionals in mapping their forest inventory, lumber volume calculations, vegetation classification and tree health assessment and analysis quicker and easier.

Calculating volumes

With an ever-increasing demand, more sustainable forests are required to keep up with supply. High-quality aerial imagery facilitates volume calculations by making them more accurate and cost-effective whilst reducing field trips.

Indexing vegetation health

To support all other forest activities, it is critical for forestry officials to understand the vegetation classification and condition of the forest. Track changes to the vegetation classification and health of any forest with the clear, cloud-free imagery of the HxGN Content Program, collected on a regular refresh schedule.

Forest planning

The RGB and CIR imagery can be used to support a number of key business needs such as forest management planning, wood supply, habitat analysis and reporting. The data can also assist in developing water classiļ¬cation, and contribute to information for mining, energy, green energy, and tourism activities.


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