From disaster modelling and change detection to road centre lines and address points, discover how the HxGN Content Program can support your government's goals.

Safety & Security

Use survey grade aerial data to support your safety, emergency and disaster management operations in order to identify, assess, prevent or minimise risks and dangers.

Oil & Gas

Accurate aerial imagery can support exploration efforts of oil & gas companies by providing a foundation for imformed decision making.


Utilities need to increase generation and distribution capacity to keep up with the rising demand. Aerial imagery helps to plan and maintain assets to reduce outages.


Conditions of forests are constantly changing. RGBN aerial imagery supports the management of tree health, vegetation classification and forest inventory mapping.


Insurance companies need to trust high-quality aerial imagery with stored meta data to efficiently assess damages and detect property changes.

Special Project

High-resolution aerial imagery can support many other industries, such as agriculture, construction, real estate, etc., with their needs for geospatial base maps.