How it works

Access the highest quality aerial imagery data set of North America and Europe

HxGN Content Program - Imagery - San Francisco

The HxGN Content Program is your source of high-quality, professional 4-band (RGBN) aerial data of the United States and parts of Europe and Canada (see coverage map). Stream the data into your GIS or geospatial application or download the imagery online from the spatial data store.

All imagery is orthorectified with 30 cm resolution for wide area coverage (WAC) and 15 cm resolution for urban area coverage (UAC) of cities larger than 50,000 population or greater. Experienced partners capture the imagery according to set specification and accuracy standards within planned refresh cycles. All data is captured using Leica Geosystems sensor technology and stored with crucial meta data.

HxGN Content Program - How it Works


Streaming service

Stream imagery using protocols such as ArcGIS, OGC WMS and WMTS directly into your application of choice, including Esri, MapInfo, and Global Mapper. Subscription fees include unlimited viewing and plotting. To learn more or receive a quote, contact our authorised resellers.

Data download

The spatial data store allows you to find and order imagery as and when you need it. Define the search method, projection, coordinate system, resolution and output file format. Within minutes your exact specified imagery can be downloaded. You can purchase imagery by credit card or apply for a business account.

Why ortho photo?

Unlike uncorrected aerial photos, orthophotos can be used to measure true distance. The imagery has been adjusted for topographic relief, lens distortion, and camera tilt and is therefore an accurate representation of the Earth's surface.

Are you covered?

The HxGN Content Program imagery is collected according to planned refresh schedules and the coverage areas are growing year on year. Check the live status map for current coverage.