Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the HxGN Content Program?
The HxGN Content Program is Hexagon’s delivery platform for geospatial data. With your yearly subscription, you get unlimited access to the aerial imagery in your AOI (Area of Interest) and all the newly acquired imagery in your AOI for a year. Hexagon's aerial imagery is a 4-band imagery (R,G,B, and NIR) quality orthorectified dataset of the USA and large parts of Europe. The imagery has been collected and processed according to the highest specifications and accuracy standards, is delivered with metadata, and refreshed according to a planned cycle.


Sign Up for Streaming

Sign up to stream highly-accurate ortho imagery into your application of choice via WMS/WMTS or trial 10 days for free.

Are You Covered?

Check the live coverage map to see when last your area was collected and what resolution ortho image is available.

Demo Viewer

Need to preview the data? Visit the demo viewer to preview the imagery or sign up for a trial account to see full resolution.