Capture Technology

Technology matters: Discover the Leica Geosystems technology used by our content partners

High-quality multispectral imagery can only be achieved by leveraging the industry's best sensor technologies, which is why our experienced content partners use only the latest airborne cameras developed by Leica Geosystems. These systems produce the highest range of spectral information possible in all sensor-recorded data and full multispectral colour swath width of up to 25,000 pixels in RGBN allowing the highest data acquisition efficiency. 

Leica ADS100

The Leica ADS100 digital camera uses pushbroom technology. It captures full multispectral colour (RGBN) in the forward, nadir and backward views offering greater flexibility for stereo interpretation. With a swath width of 20,000 pixels, this airborne sensor delivers the highest data acquisition efficiency.


The Leica DMC III mapping solution uses CMOS technology specifically engineered for airborne applications to provide the world’s largest swath generated by a single frame. Capturing 25,000+ pixels across the Leica DMC III produces image quality with minimal noise and almost zero blooming.


Demo Viewer

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Are You Covered?

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